Continue to create values for customers, achieve a balance of interests between customers, employees and the company, and keep sustainable development.


Develop and manufacture automatic batching systems and rubber-plastic coating production process information management systems, and provide the most accurate, correct and efficient services.

Quality Concept:

The principle of doing things,for excellence,quality first,honest business,comprehensive quality assurance.

Innovation Concept:

The basic principles of Zhengjiang employees in face of the future, improvement of all the employees, continuous innovation, contribution of wisdom, pursuing success in failure.

Principles of Interaction with Others:

Faithful and honest, responsible and honorable, dedicated and gregarious, keeping inherent goodness.

Principle of Doing Business:

Unit and cooperative, harmonious and progressing, optimistic and pioneering, active participation.

Criteria for Employees:

The employees of Zhengjiang shall have their own judgment, communication ability, influence, curiosity, innovation, courage, enthusiasm, honesty, selflessness and characteristics in all aspects.