We are looking forward the sellers of rubber and plastic machines or the manufacturers of internal mixers, extruders and open mills to cooperate with us to provide better using and selling experience!

Following conditions should be required for interested partners:

1. Have general knowledge about rubber and plastic machines;

2. Have the ability to maintain equipment;

3. Have a high-caliber sales team;

4. Have fixed business places;

5. Have annual turnover of no less than RMB 5 million.

Following materials which must be true, effective and legal should be provided. We guarantee we do not disclose them to other parties.

1. Basic Corporate information including corporate name, address, legal representative, telephone, fax, email, website, etc.;

2. A sealed copy of Business License;

3. A brief description document with registered capital and corporate scale, product names, sales and regional agent area and estimated annual sales;

4. Other necessary materials.